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F for finances or friendship? German-Ukrainian partnership in water and waste water management

Water and waste water management is one of the most underrated activities completed unseen by most citizens. However, proper or improper management of water, ponds, rivers and wastewater can significantly affect the quality of life and even the health of future generations. Damage to water and sanitation facilities did not get the same recognition as […]

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Update on current state of Ukrainian infrastructure: cooperation with the EU

Since the last article on Ukrainian infrastructure, many things have changed. russia continued shelling critical infrastructure, damaging nearly 40% of essential facilities before winter. Ukraine has to halt energy transmission to Europe, depriving neighboring countries such as Moldova and Romania of sufficient energy supplies. How do European countries help, and what steps do they plan […]

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What happened in Ukraine on the 10-12th of October? Challenges for energy exports

All of us are extremely lucky to live in a peaceful country, which makes us resistant to our people’s problems. This week was full of threats for Ukraine and Ukrainians. russians shelled most cities, including the region I come from, which was considered the most peaceful in Ukraine. They damaged essential infrastructure – what were […]

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