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What opportunities and insights are created while we focus on maintaining asset performance during the current operating conditions?
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“No more key figures, please!” – A pragmatic way to control an infrastructure operator

  Although the problem is a general one, rather than a current one, it came to my attention once more when I attended a conference on asset management last week. When the topic of the next lecture was shown, the person sat next to me groaned ‘My hair starts to stand on end when I […]

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Do, Don’t Do, Defer – Asset Management from a different perspective

When discussing Asset Management with colleagues I often reflect on the reality of life for those people who work in the field at the coal face in the management of assets. For them it is an ongoing challenge of prioritising tasks – ‘do, don’t do, defer’. The choices those individuals make on a daily basis […]

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Why I want to commute in Hong Kong

I live in a major German city and commute to work every day. At some point, I stopped following the official train schedule. Why? It’s because you can hardly rely on the schedule — especially at morning and evening rush hours. Unfortunately, delays and train cancellations are more the rules than the exception, and the […]

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The global Infrastructure crisis

Is no one interested in the current state of the substructure of our national economy anymore? One can make what they will of Donald Trump, but the American President, and thankfully other heads of state, have indeed understood the point that we have to reinvest more in our infrastructure. That is, not just as a […]

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Indiana Jones and the Optimal Maintenance Strategy

Event-oriented maintenance, risk-based maintenance, condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance, etc. In this jungle of maintenance strategies, some people easily lose sight of the big picture. What’s the best strategy to use? Is there an optimal maintenance strategy? Is there a Holy Grail of maintenance? Where is Indiana Jones when you need him? We don’t have him, […]

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Predictive Maintenance

Back to the Future: Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a lot like a menu at a Chinese restaurant. Everyone gets the gist of it, but no one knows exactly what is in it. However, a big difference is already apparent here: with predictive maintenance, you don’t need to know what it contains (and as is the case with many restaurants – […]

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Maintenance? – We have always done it like that!

“But we have always done it like that!” That is what I recently heard from a maintenance strategist, as we were discussing concepts for optimising maintenance activities. I also often hear the following statement or something similar: “I know the new maintenance strategies. But I already know how to keep my equipment in good condition. […]

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