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Why is asset management like philosophy – perspective of Mike Beck

During my work at meliorate, one of the harshest challenges for me was understanding the organizational system. I tried to research it to understand the consulting firm structure and positions’ meanings. Although I comprehended it theoretically, some concepts were challenging for me to realize practically. Partner’s role in consulting organizations is one of them. Mike […]

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What happened in Ukraine on the 10-12th of October? Challenges for energy exports

All of us are extremely lucky to live in a peaceful country, which makes us resistant to our people’s problems. This week was full of threats for Ukraine and Ukrainians. russians shelled most cities, including the region I come from, which was considered the most peaceful in Ukraine. They damaged essential infrastructure – what were […]

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Asset management in personal life: How work in asset management changes behavior?

October is the month of my half-year work anniversary in meliorate. These six months of my life were full of compelling people, unique opportunities, and business knowledge. That also means I was exposed to asset management and consulting businesses for half a year. Recently, I started noticing that I used my new knowledge even in […]

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