The girl with South American heart: Anna Haddick about her life path and why work-life balance is outdated

Anna Haddick was my mentor since I began at meliorate. She guided me into the company’s performance and brainstormed ideas for the blog with me. Actually, Anna deserves the credentials for the interview format no less than I do. So I believe it was a crime not to interview her, but Anna left for three months trip to South/North America, and we had to wait. Finally, after three months, I had a chance to explore Anna’s life. We would like to share the story of a work-devoted girl who wanted to contribute to society’s development.

Anna Haddick is a Senior Consultant at meliorate who has been working there for three years. Since childhood, Anna wanted to become a veterinarian and treat animals, but she discovered that she had a fear or a disguise for blood. Hence, the girl needed to find another work aspiration. Her parents pushed her to economics, and Anna did not mind. It was not an order to study economics but advice that was decisive for the girl’s fate. Anna realized she would get to learn social aspects of economics, which attracted her way more.

International industry and trade management. That was Anna’s bachelor’s degree. “I found everything about this degree interesting because it was universal,” shares Anna. During studying, she realized that economics is the basis of our society. Meanwhile, the girl was combining study with work for the fashion company TK Maxx as an intern. Anna, who always wanted to play a prominent role in society, did not like her small role as gear in this enormous machine. “I knew my work was not important; I had to continue to search for my role in life,” confesses the girl.

Another significant milestone in Anna’s life was a semester at Colombia. She had experience in South America in school, where she did a year’s exchange to Uruguay. Here, she investigated how different cultures can cooperate and what are challenges and perspectives. The value of this cooperation has always fascinated the girl, which may be why she chose the consulting profession.

Afterward, she quit work at TK Maxx. This experience helped Anna determine what she wanted from her future dream job, “I had two conditions for my further work – to explore other cultures and add value to wider projects.” That is how the girl started her work in another fashion startup. Well, it was much better than her professional experience – the company strived for sustainability. “Although it was one step ahead, something felt off; it was not the work I looked for,” meditates Anna.

The girl graduates and enters a master’s degree in English. Anna was used to Spanish and felt the urge to succeed in English. In this life stage, she comprehends the value of infrastructure. “Nobody is interested in infrastructure until they face it. Of course, nowadays, it is more relevant because of gas prices. People want to know why they overpay,” Anna’s opinion on infrastructure’s role in society.

After gaining a master’s degree, she founds meliorate online and applied. “I was hired. I was terrified and excited because it was my full ‘real’ full-time job,” Anna’s feelings when meliorate accepted her. It was just before the pandemic, and the girl felt overwhelmed with the work and duties. Even though the result corresponded to her requirements, she was tired every day. The girl’s life overflew with lessons in two weeks, and she could feel her professional and personal growth. “I don’t know how I carried on, but I’m glad I did because the work became my life.”

Anna doesn’t believe in work-life balance. She believes that work is a significant part of one’s life, so it must be vocational. Nowadays, the border between personal and professional is almost faded away. “If you like your job, you will not wait until 5 pm just to finish it, but you would strive to do more and more of it,” claims Anna. She likes meliorate’s team and their diversity, connected by a shared aim. Still, she hopes the company expands internationally to provide more traveling opportunities she misses.

“I really miss pre-pandemic office culture” is another girl’s wish for her job. Anna complains that no individuals nowadays are interested in working from the office. But she misses it. She likes interacting with people, exchanging knowledge, going for lunch, etc. “However, I do not want my colleagues to feel obligated to visit the office. Instead, they should have a personal motivation to do so.”

Outside the work, Anna is a socially active introvert. Sounds unusual, but let me explain. She likes to spend time with her close friends – going for a drink, trying out a new restaurant, or dancing. Still, the girl needs her time alone to recharge her social batteries. That is why Anna does lots of yoga and Zumba. She also invests a lot in South American culture. The girl does not know where this affection springs from, but their life approach and mindset totally appeal to her. “I just love how outgoing and careless they are. ‘No worries for tomorrow’ approach excites me,” shares Anna.

Overall, I loved talking to Anna and exploring her background. She is one of the most diligent and exciting people I met. The girl also has a final message for the readers about her professional choice. “Find a job that fulfills you and your interests so that you look forward to going to work. Otherwise, you would wait for 5 pm just to feel a bit relaxed, and for what?” 

Iryna Nykoriak

Published 16.09.2022


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