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Digitalization as the future of asset management: Case of Diia

You are reading this article using the Internet on a laptop or smartphone. So, you’re engaged in technology. Still, I believe justifying the significance of technology nowadays is wasting time because nobody can imagine the modern world without technology. Digitalization, though, is a more complex phenomenon but not less crucial. Asset Management, in particular, can […]

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Importance of EU-UA collaboration on infrastructure during the war

As a Ukrainian, I know that many foreigners believe that Ukraine capitalizes on war by collecting money from humanitarian help, loans, and irreversible financing. However, our readers know that Ukrainian infrastructure companies integrate into the EU by building strong connections with European Union. In this article, I will provide several examples of how Ukraine cooperates […]

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People-oriented leadership during crisis: Insights from Olexandr Kamishyn, CEO of Ukrainian railway company

So, I continue a week of lessons from the Ukrainian war. Once Oliver and I talked about how effective the Ukrainian government is in infrastructure management during such a terrible period. You could see it from the previous post about Ukrenergo. However, Oliver also emphasized exceptional leadership and Kamishyn Olexandr as the most vivid example. […]

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