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Update on current state of Ukrainian infrastructure: cooperation with the EU

Since the last article on Ukrainian infrastructure, many things have changed. russia continued shelling critical infrastructure, damaging nearly 40% of essential facilities before winter. Ukraine has to halt energy transmission to Europe, depriving neighboring countries such as Moldova and Romania of sufficient energy supplies. How do European countries help, and what steps do they plan […]

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Asset management in personal life: How work in asset management changes behavior?

October is the month of my half-year work anniversary in meliorate. These six months of my life were full of compelling people, unique opportunities, and business knowledge. That also means I was exposed to asset management and consulting businesses for half a year. Recently, I started noticing that I used my new knowledge even in […]

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Resources for learning Asset Management: from beginners to advanced

Entering the asset management business was a struggle for me, obviously. As a journalist who wrote mainly on social and publishing topics, economic and business areas rarely concerned me. However, as I applied to meliorate, I knew I would learn a lot in the short term. Of course, my colleagues helped me through the basics […]

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