Month in meliorate: What changed?

           We all know that we shape our lives, but life circumstances make us who we are. When I came to meliorate, I knew I would undercome significant changes. Indeed, not only did my schedule alter, but my attitudes toward work and business changed as well. In this post, I would like to tell how an active work in meliorate changed my perception of business and its methods.

           First of all, I was pretty well enlightened about business strategies due to my previous work experience. Even though I had some knowledge about it, those were just pieces of the overall business picture. meliorate, an asset management specialist, demonstrated how comprehensive asset management strategies are. I learned how values, business targets, and the proper framework to manage these assets could lead organizations to desired results. Previously, I considered that human, financial, and securities resources are managed separately. Such an approach is possible but does not benefit businesses, unlike asset management frameworks.

           Also, I ignored energy infrastructure and its enormous role in business. As meliorate specializes in energy infrastructure, I had a chance to observe the maintenance interventions and projects in this area. I did not find it captivating at first. However, when I saw my colleagues fully engaged and fascinated by their profession, I was impressed by their devotion. “Why power plants and different types of cables are so interesting for them,” I thought at that time. But with time, I realized that it’s not the power plants that attract my colleagues but their desire to help, self-develop, and improve along with their clients. It was the time I realized how much respect I have toward my colleagues.

           Taking about me, meliorate’s organization and structure genuinely stunned me. In our previous article, when Dennis spoke about meliorate’s discipline confirmed that it is one of the leading organization’s values. Not that I was unorganized, but I learned to plan my working days and report what I had done. This habit slowly transmitted into my personal life, where I started to use planners, prioritize tasks and summarize the day’s results. I believe such discipline benefits my productivity and lifestyle. 

      Overall, my performance meliorates altered not only my knowledge but general discipline. In my opinion, such changes happen because the company has enormous power to impress others with its advantages. However, readiness to improve your life and work performance comes from the individual. Once you are ready to change, you perceive each opportunity as a chance to alter your life.

Iryna Nykoriak

Published 15.06.2022


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