Importance of EU-UA collaboration on infrastructure during the war

As a Ukrainian, I know that many foreigners believe that Ukraine capitalizes on war by collecting money from humanitarian help, loans, and irreversible financing. However, our readers know that Ukrainian infrastructure companies integrate into the EU by building strong connections with European Union. In this article, I will provide several examples of how Ukraine cooperates with Europe and does not take advantage of its humanitarian and financial support.

One of the most recent instances is the collaboration of Ukrzaliznytsia and Deutsche Bahn in terms of renovating the Ukrainian railway in a Europe-oriented way. Although it seems like another supporting deal of Europe for Ukrainian destroyed infrastructure, it isn’t. Ukrzaliznytsia and Deutsche Bahn equally developed and reformed the Ukrainian railway from old Soviet standards to European ones so that we would have a well-established transportation system between countries. The renovated railway will be an excellent method to transport grains to Europe, as Ukraine is a breadwinner for Europe in terms of grains. The new plan will make containers more accommodating for cost-effective transportation. Hence, both railway companies will benefit due to common transportation systems and future trading deals.

Energy export from Ukraine to Europe also was restored in the speediest terms with the further expansion of exports. After the russian invasion at the end of February, Ukrainian energy export to other countries stopped. However, connection with Poland was restored in March, Moldova – in April, and Slovakian and Romanian – in June. Not only does Ukraine supply European countries with energy, but it also increases its quality and quantity. For instance, Ukraine increased energy exports to Europe by 50 megawatts in the nighttime recently. In two weeks, the ENTSO-E meeting will take place to decide further steps in our energy cooperation. Therefore, EU-UA energy cooperation is promising, especially during the energy crisis.

Not to mention other mutual cooperation our countries have. Ukrzaliznytsia significantly improved interstate trips to ensure safe refugee transportation. The schedule is one of the most impressive. Ukrainians who have been to Germany realized how diligent and cunning our Ukrzaliznytsia is. Considering Ukrenergo, it constantly attracts foreign investors and increases cooperation with Europe. The new CEO, about whom I also wrote, is radically Europe-oriented and enhances the company to European standards that bring us closer to European integration.

To sum up, I find the stereotype about Ukraine’s parasitism detrimental to our image and reputation of our people in Europe. However, our country is diligent and cooperation-oriented with highly creative people. It is important for us to receive humanitarian help as we fight with the largest country, a terrible dictator who invaded our territories.

Iryna Nykoriak

Published 30.09.2022


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