German Chapter of the IAM Conference: Providing an orientation ― shaping change

You call it “Long time no see,” I call it mid-autumn burnout. No new articles for a long time, but many compelling ideas and insights I have now. Such as a conference of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM). The IAM is the Institute of Asset Management that connects more than 30,000 asset managers from all over the world. Although it may be time to talk about the IAM conference in the UK that took place 23-24 th November, I will describe the conference of the German chapter that happened almost a month ago. 

The German conference took place on 3-4 November in Esslingen (yes, a while ago). The topic of the German chapter was providing an orientation ― shaping change. My colleague Anna Haddick, who visited the conference, told me how everything went on and what was impressive. I hope to share it with you and demonstrate recent innovations in Asset Management.

The conference started with the presentation of Ursula Bryan, the CEO of the IAM, who explained the importance of Asset Management. She clarified that Asset Management has never been as applicable as now to fulfill the infrastructure gap (remember Ukraine), provide sustainable development, and achieve social equity. As I understood about gathering, it was a versatile event, discussing various topics. Society, leadership, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and ISO versions. For instance, how the coronavirus pandemic impacted the work of technical ISO employees, such as the absence of a standard cooperation instrument. ISO, in general, are professional standards that underwent various revisions and withdrawals, paving the way to become an international trend-giver and disruptor in terms of infrastructure.

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The discussions that gripped my attention were on electric mobiles and company presentations. Netze BW predicts that there will be nearly 15 million electric vehicles in Germany by 2030 compared to 1.4 million nowadays. However, it is not solely an assumption; its realization requires efforts and constant work, such as a change in infrastructure with digitalization and privatization of charging stations. 

Obviously, such conferences are excellent opportunities for companies and participants to build their networks and attract potential customers, partners, and investors. From what I heard and saw, companies were absolutely impressive and (primarily) diverse, exchanging knowledge and their vision of the future. Some participants were from abroad, presenting how they increase renewable energy or integrate Asset Management into the company’s performance. I was stunned by the companies’ presentations (although they were in German) as they indeed navigated the industry and proposed solutions to derive long-term benefits. 

Anna shared with me her experience visiting conference workshops organized by Netze BW. The company demonstrated to participants their brand-new other training program and equipment for technical workers. The workshop included using instruments and watching how training is completed. Anna explained that there were different cables, innovative welding equipment, and imitations of houses for training. After her story, I regretted that did not visit the conference but later remembered that I struggled with German and it made no sense.

Overall, the conference seemed to be a fun and insightful event. It was a great chance to discuss the future of Asset Management and its role. IAM’s development was also brought up during the meeting to review enlargement opportunities. I am not aware if the Ukrainian market has been considered, but I highly recommend bearing it in mind. Looking forward to following next year’s German chapter and, maybe, even visiting it to describe personal impressions and analysis. Are you?

Iryna Nykoriak

Published 30.11.2022


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