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How power plants convert people into Asset Management: The story of Dennis

Being the first in an immigrant family who receives a degree and working in business development, consulting are challenging obligations with lots of responsibility. Dennis Tokarczyk’s path to a consulting business, meliorate, was sophisticated and full of ups and downs. Dennis shared with me his unique experience. In this rubric, I will share employees’ stories […]

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What is Asset Management for Someone Who Never Worked in Assets

Before enrolling in meliorate, I rarely heard the words “Asset Management” and correlated this term to the management of assets (duh). However, when I first entered meliorate’s office and saw complicated schemas that explained Asset Management, I realized it was not that easy. I believe, though, it is an understandable concept when I heard that […]

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meliorate for Dummies: How did I start at meliorate

Hi! I am Ira. I am from Ukraine and I’m 19. I am currently studying in the Kyiv University of Taras Shevchencko and working in meliorate from April 2022. Here, I share my experience of working with meliorate from a whole other perspective. Join me and watch the company performance from the inside. Ukrainian journalist […]

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